Human Resources

A Degree for People Who Like People

The best human resources directors know how to find the most qualified employees and know how to keep them happy in their jobs. People with Human Resources hire and manage employees, design salary, benefits and retirement packages, keep employment records, train new employees, and work to boost company morale.

With a degree in Human Resources, you can specialize in business/HR management, human resources management, health care administration and business administration.

Human Resources Career Outlook

The human resources industry is expected to grow faster than average, but you must have a degree in Human Resources in order to be competitive. With more and more advancements being made in certain areas, like equal opportunity employment, health care and family leave, human resources experts will be in increasingly high demand.

People with Human Resources degrees work as: HR specialists & directors, employment & placement managers, equal opportunity & affirmative action coordinators, occupational analysts, employee benefit managers, training & development managers, and labor relations managers

Human Resources Salary Information

Average earnings for people with a Human Resources degree range from $49,000 to $89,000 per year. Advancement opportunities in this industry are great; top managerial and executive positions can be within your reach with the right experience. Or, join a consulting firm or open your own business.

Human Resources Required Job Skills and Knowledge

There is a lot of competition for jobs in this industry. Having at least a bachelor's degree will improve your chances of landing the best jobs. Employers usually look for people who have specialized in human resources and have a technical or business background or well-rounded liberal arts education. Employers look for candidates with valuable team building skills and knowledge of how to increase productivity, interpret employment laws and regulations, develop compensation and benefits packages, manage employees, problem-solve, and train new employees.

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