Online Degrees in MBA

Master of Business Administration programs explore the foundations of business, the global environment in which it operates, and the tools needed for intelligent decision making. Courses generally include, accounting, organizational behavior, research, and statistics. Programs can take 1 to 2 years to complete.

MBA Career Outlook

The career outlook is great for MBAs. Businesses typically hire and promote employees with more education, and earning an MBA will place you ahead of most other applicants. You will also be better prepared to run your own business, if you choose.

MBAs work in many different types of business settings, and take positions such as: Finance consultants, sales executives, estate managers, strategy analysts, web developers, marketing directors, corporate planners, general managers, investment bankers, and human resource directors.

MBA Salary Information

People with MBAs typically make 35 percent more than people without the degree. An MBA usually pays for itself in a matter of a few short years, and it isn't unusual for MBAs to get huge signing bonuses and earn salaries in the triple digits.

MBA Required Job Skills and Knowledge

An MBA typically takes two years to complete. Employers typically look for MBAs with great managerial, business and financial skills. Prior experience within your target industry in the form of internships or employment is important to potential employers as well. MBAs with good creative, analytical and communication skills are always in demand, as are those with an eye for business opportunities. The best MBAs also possess great teamwork and leadership skills.

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