As a student or job-seeker, you can choose from among many career training paths. If you're looking for specific job training, a certificate program may be the right choice for you. It's most appropriate if you're interested in an entry-level position in a technical field such as graphic design, automotives, or medical assisting. In many areas of study, students serious about career training can earn a certificate, then go on to earn a diploma and even a degree.

What to Expect in a Certificate Program

Few, if any, academic subjects will be required if you're earning a certificate you'll focus only on the training you need for your future job. Certain certificate programs may be directly related to the immediate hiring needs in your city, state, or region. As a result, your certificate may lead you straight into a good job.

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Certificate Program

  • Number of U.S. post-secondary institutions offering career education: 5,700
  • Career education credentials awarded by post-secondary institutions, 2005: Over 1.1 million
  • Percentage of part-time vocational or technical programs offered in the workplace: 15%