Help make sure justice is served

It is up to correctional officers to make sure people convicted of crimes serve their time and are rehabilitated and ready to legally participate in society. People with Corrections degrees maintain security, oversee individuals who are awaiting trial or serving time, and prevent inmates from harming each other or themselves. Correctional officers monitor the activities of inmates and investigate crimes committed within their institutions.

Corrections Career Outlook

Career opportunities in the Corrections industry are expected to be excellent during the next decade as our society becomes increasingly security conscious and as the population grows and more people commit crimes. People with Corrections degrees work as:

  • Correctional officers
  • Bailiffs
  • Court officers
  • Jailers

Corrections Salary Information

The average earnings for people with Corrections degrees range between $35,000 and $54,000, and benefits are usually great. Layoffs of correctional officers are often rare because of the growing inmate population and the need for increased security in jails and prisons.

Corrections Required Job Skills and Knowledge

The best positions in this industry are given to people with a Corrections degree, which usually takes two to four years to complete. Job candidates are usually evaluated on their communication skills and on their ability to maintain calm during confrontation. Most must undergo a background screening before being hired. With a Corrections degree, you will observe inmates, keep records of their activities, maintain security and participate in some investigations. Being able to maintain a professional attitude at all times is important. This can be a high stress job

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