High-Tech Institute


High-Tech Institute Memphis, which was established in 2003, is a branch of the Bryman School.

The School is based upon excellence in curriculum, staffing, equipment and service to the student body, health care community and the community-at-large. The School firmly believes that training in small groups, combined with a highly structured curriculum that meets the needs of today's Health Care professions, makes the difference between success and failure in a training program.

High-Tech Institute Memphis is committed to a "hands-on" approach to provide students, upon graduation, with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will make them employable for entry-level positions in the Allied Health Care field. It is dedicated to maintaining a dynamic posture by keeping abreast of technological advances in the Allied Health Care field and updating the curriculum accordingly.

The School facility consists of 17,795 square feet of floor space, which is divided into classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices and a student break area. Parking is available at no additional charge to the student. All classrooms and labs are designed for a maximum capacity of 30 students. The equipment used for training consists of surgical room equipment and instruments, massage therapy tables, medical equipment and computers. The campus is centrally located to apartments, shopping and banking, all accessible by public transportation.

Programs of Interest

Diploma Program

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