Special Education

Give students the skills they need to live better lives

Teachers play a vital role in the educational, emotional and social development of people with varying abilities. People with Special Education degrees teach students how to learn and interact in ways that best suit their abilities, and many teach life skills. Special education teachers design individualized educational programs, instruct students, help students discover their learning potential, communicate with parents, evaluate student progress and maintain records of student achievement.

With a degree in Special Education, you can specialize in education or get your master's degree in special education.

Special Education Career Outlook

As more special education students are enrolled in school, the demand for Special Education teachers increases. Job opportunities for Special Education teachers are excellent.
People with Special Education degrees work in educational, residential, commercial and medical settings as: Special education teachers, occupational therapists, life skills coaches, and recreational therapists.

Special Education Salary Information

Average earnings for teachers with Special Education degrees range between $35,000 and $55,000 per year. Many schools offer salary boosts because of extracurricular opportunities like coaching and tutoring. Benefits and retirement packages are also extremely strong in this industry.

Special Education Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Special Education teachers must complete a teacher's education program and be licensed. Employers look for people with good interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. People with Special Education degrees must be good role models, leaders and caregivers. Teachers help students improve social and life skills, analytical skills and build a knowledge base. The best teachers understand and use new technology to help students improve and learn more effectively.

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