Privacy/Security Policy

Our highest priority is that you enjoy the experience of visiting this site and to ensure that:

  • your privacy is respected;
  • your information is secure and private;
  • and that any data you provide to us is protected.

Any personal information you provide to us is:

  • never shared with any other company, individual or organization without your express consent;
  • held in accordance with data protection legislation;
  • stored in a secure database.

Our data security policy operated independently, or in conjunction with our data management partners and sponsor, meets, or exceeds, the requirements of all current Privacy legislation.

Online Privacy Opt-in
Personal information is collected only when you voluntarily register at any of our specialized, focused sites to provide data, receive newsletters, or for other information opportunities. Our policy is to maintain all personal information as confidential and to use it only for the purpose for which it was submitted and to advise you of new developments that may interest you.

Sharing Data
We never share our consumer list with any company or organization nor sell or otherwise disclose any personally identifiable information about you unless you have partially or completely filled out one of our hosted form pages.

Aggregate Data
As with all servers on the Internet, the computers that deliver the Web pages to you identify your computer by its unique IP address or that of your ISP, such as AOL. The servers automatically record the name of the domain from which you accessed the site and the type of operating system and web browser that you use, noting your preferences and choices. These data are collected and analyzed to identify broad demographic and psychographic trends. This helps us monitor the appeal and quality of information we publish and ensures that we only provide relevant and useful information to you. Unless you register with us, this information cannot be used to identify you personally.

In order to serve you better we may utilize cookies to store information. A cookie is a small piece of data kept on your computer that is used by the browser and that can only be read and understood by our servers. All browsers will work with cookies but you can set your browser to accept or reject them. If your browser rejects cookies you can still access our sites but some features may not be available to you.

Children and Privacy
We encourage parents to spend time with their children online. Under no circumstances do we intentionally collect